Pre-Conference Workshop

While pre-conference workshops are optional and are officially not a part of the conference, they do tend to draw more people to the conference. If you choose to have a workshop, you will need to make the appropriate arrangements including lining up the speakers, publicity, etc. You should contact the Conference Webmaster, Registrar, and Program Chair as early as possible since they may be able to help with publicity.

Workshop Checklist
Scheduling a speaker(s)
Scheduling an appropriate space (avoiding conflicts with classes at your school)
Scheduling a break
Publicity (get an abstract from the speakers early on)
Workshop registration (if needed due to space or resource constraints)
Conference registration (usually done during the break or after the workshop)

Please be sure the workshop does not conflict with the Presenter’s Luncheon.

The ACM funds workshops taken from the previous year’s selection of workshops at SIGCSE. They will fund travel and all expenses for such workshop leaders up to some ceiling amount. More than one is possible, so the ACM grant can be used for keynote speakers or dinner speakers as well as long as the speaker was part of the SIGCSE program. If you are looking for someone to do a workshop, you might contact organizations like the Shodor Foundation. Also, some publishers may arrange a workshop to publicize new books.

Deadline: 30 days before the conference.
Suggested starting date: 365 days before the conference.


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