Conference Web Site

For greater consistency from year to year, the regional web site is now hosted at Kevin Treu has set up a MySQL template that can be used to enter the appropriate information for the conference. Contact Kevin for account information and directions on how to use this site.
• The web site should contain the following information:
• information about papers, tutorials, etc.
• program when finalized
• vendor forms
• registration forms
• maps and directions
• board members
• places of interest visit
• maps to campus as well as campus and building maps if available
• web contest information
• link to programming contest information.

When you design the site, create new windows for links leaving the site.

Web Site Registration Forms
The templates available at the CCSC web site have regular and student forms going directly to the CCSC Membership Secretary (Cathy Bareiss). The template for the presenter form seems to give us a choice: have the presenters send registration directly to the CCSC Membership Secretary, or to the local program chair (Laurie, in this case). When having a pre-conference workshop, be sure to add a checkbox for it on the registration form.

Deadline: 365 days before the conference.
Suggested starting date: 365 days before the conference.


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