Campus Contacts

If you have never hosted a conference before, you’ll be amazed at the number of people on your campus that you’ll need to involve. Here is a partial list. Of course, titles will vary from institution to institution. As a courtesy, you should give these folks an early heads-up on what is coming.
• President or Dean for approval and to welcome attendees just before the keynote address.
• Conference Director (if you have one).
• IT to arrange for the programming contest, email access for attendees, etc.
• Food Services for meals and breaks.
• Facilities Management to reserve rooms.
• Business Office to set up an account that you can charge to before being reimbursed by CCSC.
• Publicity or Public Relations Office to advertise the conference locally.
• Public Safety so they will know who all these people are, for parking, for weekend access to buildings, etc.
• Maintenance for displaying signs, getting extra tables, extension cords, trash cans, etc.
• Housekeeping to have someone on hand during the conference.
• Student ACM Chapter for student volunteers.
• Administrative Assistants and Secretaries who know how to get things done around your campus

Deadline: 365 days before the conference.
Suggested starting date: 365 days before the conference.


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